Sage Estimating

Sage Estimating is powered by trade-specific cost databases, enabling you to turbo-charge takeoffs and final proposals. Input your own costs into a prebuilt database or choose a database pre-populated with costs. When your proposal is accepted, information flows automatically to Job Cost in Sage business management software, eliminating redundant tasks, data entry errors, and omissions.


Choose from a variety of takeoff methods. Then simply pull individual or groups of items from a variety of industry-specific databases directly into your bid worksheet. Enter dimensions but don’t blink, because quantities and prices are instantly tabulated.


Sage Estimating is a welcome replacement for underpowered estimating solutions and generic spreadsheets. Under the hood, it’s powered by a Microsoft SQL Server® database, which stores all your data in one place and processes it quickly. For starters, this means faster queries, better security, and more insightful reports.


Sage Estimating doesn’t forget about style. The software makes it quick and easy to present reports and final proposals that are thoughtful, well organized, and itemized. In other words, precisely what management and clients are looking for. Your professionalism will set your firm apart from the competition— and un-level the playing field in your favor.


Your profitable project starts with takeoff. Several methods are available to fit your preferred style. Trade-specific databases, smart assemblies, and digital plan takeoff support do the heavy lifting for you—guiding you through as the system calculates materials, equipment, and labor prices. Automation helps eliminate costly errors such as mistyped values, mistakenly deleted formulas, and misplaced decimals.


Do you lose your cool on bid day if you’re asked to proportionately slash the total estimate by 4 percent? With Sage Estimating, you can handle this kind of adjustment in a snap, on the fly, and with precision. Plus, you can easily modify or undo adjustments or make side-by-side comparisons right on screen.


When you have multiple estimators, inconsistency can be an issue— particularly if each is using a different personalized spreadsheet. With Sage Estimating, estimators have flexibility in the way they work, but the methodology is predictably consistent, eliminating pricing variations between estimators that can easily result in eroded profits.


When a bid is won and project responsibility shifts hands, is the transition smooth? Does information need to be rekeyed? With the integration between Sage Estimating and your Sage 100 Contractor or Sage 300 CRE, the appropriate data feeds from estimating to accounting for job cost reporting. No data loss. No redundant entry. Nothing left to chance.


By aligning estimating with operations, Sage Estimating allows team members to be on the same page, each with access to the most current data. Sage Estimating can increase your profitability by enabling everyone to make well-informed decisions while moving projects through the lifecycle from start to finish.


With a complete view of the business close at hand, including historical data from accounting, estimating, and job cost tracking, you can considerably improve your estimating accuracy as well as win/loss ratios. In addition, the ability to compare estimated versus actual costs in a real-time scenario can help you make quicker, more well–informed decisions, keeping your projects on track and more profitable.

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