5 Signs Your Construction Firms Needs a Document Management Solution

Construction is a fast paced, competitive business. Every day people want you to do more with less. The one thing there never seems to be less of is paperwork. Every time you turn around there is another document that needs to be classified, coded, approved, routed to other team members, stored, etc. How documents are managed (or mismanaged) can have a big impact on your bottom line. At some point, most construction companies need to turn to an automated document management solution to stay competitive.

Here are 5 signs that time may arriving for you:

#1 – You have too many “solutions”

You have several different software programs to manage your documents. You also store physical, paper copies of documents related to your projects and business. 

#2 – You’ve Got That Uneasy Feeling

Owners and managers don't feel confident that they have their projects under control. They often have an uneasy feeling that important administrative mistakes are being overlooked.

#3 – “It Was Right Here”

Keeping track of important documents and retrieving them when needed is becoming increasingly difficult. A lot of time is wasted searching through filing cabinets, offices, job sites, and storage slows down your business.

#4 – Poor Visibility into the Business

Owners and managers struggle to get a complete view of how the business is doing. Because it is so difficult and time consuming to find the data they need, they are often forced to make business decisions without having the information they need to make confident decisions.

#5 – The “Systems” Need a Babysitter

Approvals, routing, and workflow require someone's constant attention otherwise deadlines and change orders will be missed.

If any of the above items sound familiar, it may be time to put evaluation document management solutions on your to-do list. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Document Management is one solution that should be on your short list. Built specifically for Construction firms, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Document Management helps you eliminate the inefficiencies of managing excess files and paperwork. 

And because it's tight integration, you'll be able to manage document:

  • Storage

  • Retrieval

  • Classification

  • Routing and Approval 

directly from within Sage 300. 

You'll also be able to easily share documents with other team members who need access to them.

Most importantly, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that because things are where they are supposed to be, you can quickly find them, and have ready access to the information you need to make informed business decisions.

These are just a few of the benefits that an integrated document management system like Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Document Management can bring to your business.

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