Construction Analytics - 5 Features To Look For in BI Tools

number 5Analyzing your business performance starts with  quality data related to your processes. Most construction firms do not lack data. More often they lack data integration. Lack of integration prevents information from different departments and functions from being used together.

This is why we emphasize the importance of using integrated, construction-specific accounting software - for every sized construction business.

Business intelligence tools are a must.

Once you have an integrated, construction-specific software system, you will also need reporting or business intelligence tools. These tools should be able to extract, clean, and transform the data into a format that’s meaningful for users. New tools and technologies are emerging to make information come alive. These tools include data visualization, process simulation, and predictive techniques. By taking advantage of these innovations, you can quickly uncover details that would otherwise be hidden in your data.

So what should you look for in a BI tool for your construction company? Here are five software features that add value to your analytics capabilities:

1. Ad-Hoc Custom Reporting - empowers your personnel to ask their own questions of company data, without burdening IT.

2. Cross-Project Analytics - provides details on “job demographics”—such as location, type of work, and owner—across all your projects so you can pinpoint what type of work you should focus on.

3. Spreadsheet Analysis - enables you to import/export data to Microsoft Excel for configuring data and creating specialized and graphical reports.

4. Drill Down - takes the user from a general or high-level view of the data to a more specific one to provide greater insight.

5. Automatic Report Scheduling - allows essential information to be distributed to the right people on a recurring schedule in order to turn data analysis into action.

We have a number of business intelligence and reporting tools that will work with your Sage Construction software. Contact us if you'd like to see a demonstration our discuss your individual needs.