5 Traits of Successful Construction Supervisors

number-5Do you have what it takes to become a successful construction supervisor? If you are filling a supervisor position, how confident are you that you can identify the candidates that will be successful in that role? While there is no “one right way” to be a successful project manager, those who are successful in that role tend to share common traits.  If you are looking to hire a new supervisor, keep the traits below in mind when evaluating candidates for the position. If you aspire to be a supervisor one day, honestly evaluate yourself in the areas listed below and identify any areas that you need to improve to help you be more successful once you do become a supervisor.

5 Traits to Look For in a Construction Supervisor

1. Leadership, or the ability to inspire people to follow a shared vision or goal. Supervisors who help their co-workers feel they have a real stake in a project (and the company) will be much more successful in the long run than “leaders” who only bark orders and issue threats.

2. Supervisors must be organized in order to be able to keep track of all of the details of a project (i.e. budgets, deadlines, scheduling, regulations, etc. ) while also making sure they are staying on track with the “big picture” goals.

3. Good Communication Skills are essential to be a successful supervisor – in fact, this may be most important skill they need.  Supervisors must be able to clearly set goals, assign responsibility, set expectations, evaluate performance, and provide feedback – all of which call for communication skills.

4. The Ability to Delegate – this can be tricky for a newly promoted supervisor, but delegating tasks and trusting (but verifying) others to complete them are part of the job of being a supervisor. Trust between a supervisor and other team members is greatly effected by the way a supervisor delegates and follows up on assigned tasks.

5. A supervisor must also be flexible and have the ability to handle pressure. Things are going to go wrong, obstacles will arise. You cannot control every aspect of a project and there will be stressful days. Successful supervisors are able to maintain a positive outlook,”roll with the punches”, and take challenges in stride when they arise.

Of course, these are the only traits and skills that a construction supervisor needs to possess, but it will be pretty hard to be successful without the items listed above.

What traits do you look for in a construction supervisor? Leave a comment below.