Automatically Monitor Your Construction Business

MyAssistantDo you ever wish for an assistant who would keep an eye on your business and notify you when an issue arises that needs your attention – an early warning system to help you spot sparks before they turn into fires? If so, then you will want to take a look at Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate MyAssistant.

Your Digital Assistant

MyAssistant proactively monitors key performance indicators, provides instant alerts about issues needing attention along with the information you need to take action. MyAssistant helps you monitor and manage all phases of a project by automatically generating reports, spreadsheets, documents, and email alerts. It will then deliver this information into the hands of those who need it, when they need it..

Here is a small sample of the what MyAssistant can do:

  • Identify subcontractors with insurance expiring in 30 days and sends them a personalized email requesting an updated certificate.
  • Provide each project manager with a list of costs codes that are over budget or close to going over for their jobs.
  • Generate and distribute each project manager’s job reports on a regular schedule.
  • Send an alert when a change request, RFI, or submittal is overdue.
  • Enable project managers to check their job profitability from their Windows Desktop, and notifying team members by email when jobs drop below a profit threshold.
  • Let you know when jobs or contracts have not been billed in a certain number of days
  • Alert you when costs are entered to phases without estimates, or to a job that has fully billed (or closed )

Get Help Managing Documents

MyAssistant can also help you stay on top of all of the documents and other details that come with managing a construction project. For example, it can:

  • Provide a list of invoices as soon as they’re overdue, and send reminders to past due customers
  • Send employees their direct deposit play stubs.
  • Notify you of work orders completed but not yet billed
  • Tell you when leases or lease options are expiring.
  • Let you know about invoices with discounts that are soon to expire

Managing By Exception

With MyAssistant you can spend more time focusing on managing projects and working with customers with the confidence of knowing that important tasks won’t fall through the cracks, because if they do, MyAssistant will catch them and alert you to them.

To learn more about MyAssistant, download the brochure from our website, or contact us for a demo.