How Construction Companies Gain an Edge with Mobile

contractor with mobile deviceThe use of mobile devices is steadily rising in the construction industry. In fact, according to a McGraw-Hill industry survey, 93% of respondents use some sort of mobile device on their construction sites. As most of us continue to adopt and use mobile devices, it only makes sense that smart construction companies will figure out new ways to use these devices to gain a competitive advantage. One of the ways mobile devices help owners and project managers gain a competitive edge is by allowing them to make better decisions faster – not only in the office but while they are at the jobsite.

Construction professionals with “anywhere, anytime” connectivity to their information systems are able to make better decision faster due to the efficiencies they gain in the 3 Cs – Convenience, Communication, and Collaboration.


Every time your field personnel have to call the office for information on their project, or return to the job trailer to request or submit reports, progress slows on the project.  Mobile solutions enable frontline workers to access details and perform tasks with a smartphone or tablet. This convenient access keeps projects moving so you can complete them on time and on budget.


When we think of mobile devices we typically think of smart phones and when we think of phones we think of communication. Improving communication is the number one way mobile tools improve jobsite productivity'.

Improvements in communication can from something as simple as being able to take and share pictures (worth a thousand words) with the project team. Improved communication can also mean getting information back to the office in a timely manner, i.e. submitting and approving employee time for a project. Mobile solutions that provide access to back-office financial data help improve communications by giving everyone on the team access to the data they need to perform their jobs.


Modern construction projects involve a lot of people, from different companies, making hundreds or thousands of decisions. The ability to work together and the speed at which issues are identified and communicated to all of the parties who are responsible for resolving them has a direct bearing on how profitable a project is.

Are you ready for mobile?

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