Construction Employment Up From a Year Ago

construction employmentAccording to a recent press release from the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America, construction employment increased in 34 states from a year ago. Mississippi and California saw the largest construction employment gains while Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia experienced the biggest declines.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, jobs employment was up for most states except for Idaho and Montana. Here is a state by state breakdown of the states we serve.

State # Jobs Incr/Descr % Incr / Descr
Alaska 700 3.9%
Hawaii 1,500 4.9%
Idaho –100   -0.3%
Montana -500 -2.3%
Oregon 4.600 6.8%
Washington 300 0.2%


If you don’t see your state or if you would like to see employment numbers for a all states, you can view the state employment data by rank and by state on the AGC Website.