Construction Workers Are The Happiest Employees

Congratulations! Your a member of the industry with the happiest employees. TINYhrLogo-1That's according to TINYpulse's 2015 Best Industry Ranking report. TINYpulse conducted an anonymous one-question survey consisting of over 30,000 employees in more than 500 organizations, among 12 distinct industries. The result of the survey? They found that construction and facility service workers are the happiest employees.

Here are some of the top reasons construction employees said they were happy at work:

  • I work with great people
  • I’m excited about my work and projects
  • I’m learning/growing professionally
  • I have positive, respectful management
  • I’m tasked with a variety of projects
  • I enjoy a lot of autonomy and freedom
  • I am excited to be part of a growing company

Don't feel like your construction firm's employees are all that happy? You may want to be on the lookout for dissatisfaction drivers. According to Tinypulse, the top three drivers of workplace dissatisfaction are:

  • Having an unsupportive manager
  • Not having the tools for success
  • Lack of opportunities for professional growth.

The report concludes with some good tips for focusing on cultural fit as well as employee-job fit when hiring.

For more information about what drives employee satisfaction, download your copy of the 2015 Best Industry Ranking Report here.