Get Paid Faster with the latest version of Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 ContractorSage 100 Contractor continues to add features to help you streamline you workflows and manage your construction business. The latest version helps contractors improve cash flow by shortening the time is takes to collect your receivables by providing tight integration with Sage Payment Solutions. Other new features include the ability to:

  • Easily submit certified reporting in more states.
  • Streamline navigation to access external files and accelerate your workflow.


Sage Payment Solutions

The latest version of Sage 100 Contractor helps you get paid faster by helping you take better control of your receivables payment processing. You'll collect your money faster when you process virtual checks/ACH and credit card receivables easily and securely through the tight integration with Sage Payment Solutions. With this latest version you gain immediate access to all your critical payment data and protect your company from fraud, noncompliance fines or potential legal action.

This tight integration with Sage Payment Solutions keeps your data and your customers' data secure by storing sensitive bank and credit card information in a secure PCI-compliant vault, rather than your software.

You'll also save time and eliminate data entry errors since you'll only enter data once through Sage 100 Contractor to record it in both your accounting system and Sage Payment Solutions.

Certified Payroll

Sage 100 Contractor also helps you save time while complying with the Davis-Bacon Act. This latest verssion includes automated certified reporting for government-funded projects in 49 states (all except Washington). You'll gain greater visibility into your compliance status when you create, print and opt to e-file (using Aatrix eFiling Services) weekly report forms that conform to varying state regulations.

Improve Navigations and Workflows

Process shortcuts are another feature of Sage 100 Contractor that will save you time in your daily work. These shortcuts not only improve navigation by allowing you to jump right the area of the software that you need, they also give you the ability to access external information you directly from the Sage 100 Contractor Desktop. Rather than having to leave the software and search for information stored in a spreadsheet, Word document, or web page, you can simply click on a shortcut and access the information you need without leaving Sage 100 Contractor.

Version 19.3 vs. 19.4

Sage Contractor 100 version 19.4 is the latest edition for contractors who live and/or work in Canada. New features in Version 19.4 include EFT updates to allow Sage 100 Contractor to communicate using the 005 Standard, accepted by a majority of Canadian banks, the Recapture Input Tax Credit (RITC), and vacation accrual designed for Canadian payroll.


In order to updgrade to Sage 100 Contractor Version 19.3, you must be on Version 18.1 or newer. Give us a call if you are using an older version of Sage 100 Contractor (formely MasterBuilder) or if you have any questions about the latest version of the software.

Want More Information?

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