Overseeing Your Contractor Business with Sage 100 Contractor

When your business is smaller, it's easier to stay on top of what it takes to move your business forward, but as it grows, it can be challenging to maintain the visibility you need to effectively lead your company. Sage 100 Contractor pulls of the areas of your business together. It offers you not only a consolidated view of your business, but also instant access to the details behind the numbers so you can quickly understand what's happening and what might need your involvement. Unlike basic account software, Sage 100 Contractor is built specifically for managing both the financial and operations of your construction business. You're provided with easy to use business management tools so you can make the right decision at the right time before unexpected cost hit your bottom line. Instant access to accurate timely business information is crucial.

With Sage 100, you no longer need to make decisions using limited information or reports that are days or weeks behind. A customizable dashboard helps you at a glance understand the overall financial health of your company. If it something concerns you, simply drill down to the documents behind the numbers such as invoices or contracts to investigate further and figure out your next step.

Want even more detail? With over 1200 available reports, you have many views into the information you need to see. You can closely manage virtually any aspect of your business, estimates, schedules, job cost, payables and receivables, service and more.

To make sure business trending issues won't catch you off guard, Sage 100 Contractor can even alert you by email when issues you specify occur. Such as when a project's labor hours are about to exceed the budget, so you can take immediate corrective action.

Whether at you're at the job site, a client meeting or even drinking your morning coffee, with Sage Construction Anywhere, you're always connected to your business. With your smartphone or tablet, you have instant access to Sage 100 project reports or the latest project documents you need to make solid on the spot decisions.

Sage 100 Contractor gives you the business visibility you need to make timely decisions so that each opportunity you pursue builds and strengthens your business.

Watch the short video below to learn how Sage 100 Contractor can you oversee your business.