PlanGrid–Mobile App for Managing Blueprints

plangridAs mobile devices continue to make their way into the construction workplace, new apps are being created to help contractors and save time. One popular mobile app for construction is PlanGrid. Contractors use PlanGrid to upload, store, view, and manage project drawings. Files are stored in the cloud so everyone on the team can have access to the updated versions of the drawings – eliminating time wasted tracking down plan sets and finding the latest set of changes.

In addition to easy access, the app also allows annotate your drawings and share them with your team. You can review drawing revisions, specs, and schedules for your project. You can even add, delete, and modify your punch list items as demonstrated in this video:

The app also lets you take advantage of your mobile device’s camera to take and store photos that document the progress being made on a project.

PlanGrid also uses  256 bit SSL end to end encryption to protect your data as it moves between your device and their servers.

Free training on how to use the app is available on their website. They also offer On-Site training for a fee.

PlanGrid is available for both Apple and Android devices. Pricing for the app is based upon the number of users and “sheets of storage”. The free version of the app includes 50 sheets