Running Your Construction Office with Sage 100 Contractor

We don't have to tell you how tricky it can be to run your construction office. Luckily, Sage 100 Contractor makes it easy for you to stay on top of things and keep your office running smoothly. Watch this short video to learn more about how Sage 100 Contractor can make life easier when it comes to running your office. 


Running the office for a contractor means shouldering a lot of responsibility. Besides taking care of the accounting, it's often up to you to handle critical issues, stay ahead of approaching deadlines, and monitor business risks, like insurance and lien waiver requirements. You now how costly mistakes or oversights can be. Sage 100 Contractor improves your business visibility, simplifies your work by connecting finance and project data across the company. Through one dashboard you can instantly see how the company is doing, and what you need to address.

Need more detail? Simply drill down to see a specific report or document, like an invoice or contract. What's the easiest way to solve a problem? Spot it before it occurs. With Sage 100, you specify key concerns you want to monitor such as impending cost overages, and insurance expiration's. E-mail alerts will then notify you of potential problems, so you can take immediate action. In Sage 100 Contractor you enter data just once, which reduces the chance for error.

From estimate to budget, to payables and receivables, everything connects together. No more spreadsheets. Profit margins can be razor thin. Sage 100 Contractor makes it easy to monitor current costs so you can make corrections and maximize profitability. Labor costs are a big part of any job, when using Sage Construction Anywhere your field staff can enter employee through a mobile device each day, eliminating late or inaccurate entries, and helping you to speed up the billing process so you get paid faster.

Wondering how your company will ramp up? With our network of experienced business partner, a variety of training options, and intuitive software, you'll have the support you need. Once up and running, you'll gain new confidence in your reports, accounting, and operations, and how best to guide your company to a bright future.