Sage Construction Anywhere - Project Info When and Where You Need It

cloud computing for constructionCloud computing refers sharing resources, software, and information on demand via the Internet. Cloud computing providers often speak of providing software as a service (SAAS), making your software available where ever and when ever you need it - like the electricity grid. You may already be using cloud computing without realizing it. Email services providers (like GMail) and CRM software ( are two popular examples of cloud computing. Early adopters of cloud computing developed tools targeted at very broad audiences, but as cloud computing becomes continues to mature we are seeing specialty software, including construction related software,  also taking advantage of this internet platform.

Sage Construction Anywhere, which launched last May, is a new cloud-based service that gives construction teams access to project information using their tablets, smartphones, and mobile devices. By making project information available to teams in the field, construction companies will be able to make better informed decisions on the job site. Teams also have access to the information they need when they need it outside normal business hours.

In addition to providing construction companies with mobile capabilities, Sage Construction Anywhere address another big need in construction software – the need to collaborate with other members of the project team. Cloud based computing helps keep all project participants, including those outside your organization, involved by giving them access to the project information they need.

Here is a quick video overview of Sage Construction Anywhere:

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