Service Management with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

If you provide service maintenance in the construction industry, you know the importance of providing great customer service. In order to provide great customer service that scales (and is profitable) your employees need to be able to access important information quickly. This brief video shows how Sage 300 service management stores all the information you need (schedules, job tickets, work orders and contracts) in one, helping your service team operate efficiently and profitably. [embed][/embed]


When it comes to providing service maintenance in the construction industry, it’s your ability to efficiently provide great customer service that can set your company apart from the competition and maximize profits. When important information is not readily available, it’s hard for your service department to operate efficiently. Sage 300 service management stores schedules, job tickets, work orders and contracts in one place reducing the time your team spends looking for vital information. It also provides your service manager with the needed visibility to better utilize your technicians and manage every job to the best revenue outcome. Sage 300 also reduces the frustration of managing inventory and eliminates the inherent inaccuracy in tracking, in ordering parts manually.

Inventory tracking capabilities help you easily monitor which parts have been used and notifies purchasing when at part drops below a certain level, it needs to be reordered. Service dispatching that relies on a mix of whiteboards, calendars, emails and spreadsheets is inherently messy. The Sage 300 dispatch board simplifies things by acting as your service department’s nerve center. It makes it easy to gauge current workloads, determine which technician has the skills best suited for a new job and keep track of the progress of all job tickets including hours worked. With the ability to see job tickets five weeks into the future, you can easily spot potential problems such as workload imbalances ahead of time and make needed adjustments.

With your technicians out in front of the customer, it’s critical they had the timely information they need to provide great service on the first visit. Technicians can stay connected with service management through their smartphones and mobile devices giving them real-time visibility and to update a job information and customer account history. Mobile capabilities also make it easy for technicians to instantly notify the office about job related issues and complete test and enter labor hours to automatically update work orders for invoicing and payroll. With Sage 300 construction and real estate, you can run your service operations more efficiently leading to higher customer satisfaction, greater profitability and the competitive edge your company needs to thrive well into the future.