Taming Construction Billing

construction-billing-cycle.pngIf you feel like your construction company’s billing processes is complicated and unwieldy, you are not alone. As this recent article on FindAccountingSoftware points out, billing in the construction industry is complicated, so all of your competitors are facing similar challenges. That means successfully implementing the right software to manage your billing process can give you a significant competitive advantage. The article also explains the role of mobile technology in the billing process and provides eight attributes to look for in construction billing systems.

The article further explains how a complete billing system is really a combination of a number of different functional modules (i.e. estimating, job costing, accounts receivable, etc.). We find that while construction companies often own software solutions for these functional areas, many of them can use some help configuring the software and the related company processes in order to gain the competitive advantage mentioned above.

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image source – FindAccountingSoftware.com