Time Is Running Out On Windows Server 2003 Support

windows-server-2003Last year, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. On July 14th of this year, Microsoft will end their extended support for Windows Server 2003. That means after July 14, Microsoft will no longer issue security patches or updates for any version of Windows Server 2003. Additionally, you won't be able to contact Microsoft for technical support for issues related to your Windows Server 2003 installation.

Microsoft has several tools available to help you begin planning your upgrade, including this Migration Planning Assistant. The assistant is a simple "wizard" that walks you through the steps of determining your needs and providing you with suggestions for pursuing an upgrade path. The planning assistant is a good start, but as most construction businesses have several software solutions, often from different vendors, we recommend reviewing the results with your technical staff and/or software consultants to ensure a smooth transition.

Make sure that conversation includes other changes to your computing infrastructure you may be considering, such as adding or removing apps, moving to the cloud, or mobile computing, make sure to discuss those with your technical folks at the same time.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about selecting the right server software for you construction business.