It's Official, Windows XP Support Has Ended

no-windows-xpWay back in February of 2012, Microsoft announced they would be ending support for Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server. Today, a little more than two years after that announcement, it’s official, Microsoft will no longer provide support, security patches, vulnerability fixes, or anti-malware updates for Windows XP.

What This Means for Sage Software Products

Because  Sage no long receives updates or development support from Microsoft for Windows XP, Sage no longer supports these operating systems either.

While computers running Windows XP will continue to run, business that haven’t upgraded from Windows XP face increased risks to their business including:

  • Leaving valuable long-term investment dollars hanging in favor of short-term savings
  • Neglecting major performance-boosting enhancements that come baked in to new versions of Windows
  • Jeopardizing the efficiency of you and your employees
  • And, since Microsoft has also ended support for Office 2003, threatens a whole range of documents and data

Construction companies running these outdated operating systems will also find it difficult, if not impossible, to take gain a competitive advantage through mobile computing, cloud computing, and other advances in technology.

Protect Your Investment

Your Sage Support dollars go towards supporting the latest version of your Sage software product. Since the latest versions of Sage software products are not supported on Window XP, customers running these outdated operating systems are unable to take full advantage of their support plans. If you are still running Windows XP and/or Windows 2003 server, protect your investment by upgrading today.

Migrating From Windows XP

Depending on the age of your infrastructure, you may also need to upgrade your hardware when migrating away from Windows XP. You can learn more about the end of support for Windows XP and your options for upgrading from Microsoft here.

Don’t forget about your server. While most of the press has been focused on Windows XP running on the desktop, Microsoft has also ended support for Windows 2003 Server, so don’t forget to take that into consideration when developing your migration plans.

If you would like assistance assessing your current infrastructure and determining your options for migrating to a modern operating system, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.