Office Connector

Office Connector by Event 1 Software is a Microsoft Excel add-in that allows you to access your Sage 300 CRE data quickly and easily. The add-in places new menu items and toolbar buttons in Excel as well as new worksheet functions that you can use inside Excel formulas. With Office Connector, you can seamlessly access your Sage 300 CRE data from Excel. Office Connector automatically creates a connection to your database using Sage's ODBC driver without the need for you to configure data sources or create queries.

Office Connector allows you to embed dynamic queries that retrieve data from your Sage 300 CRE database into your Excel workbooks. Data can be refreshed at any time with the click of a button, or you can sever the link and create a static snapshot of the values that can be sent to other Excel users.

Create concise and dynamic links to data in any field on any record in the Sage 300 CRE Database using powerful Office connector functions. With these functions, you can lookup field values from specific records, sum a given field in the database while applying criteria, and much more!