Residential Contractors


You can jumpstart your estimating process with our Residential Homebuilders Database. This database is delivered with more than 4000 parts, 68 assemblies and 700 formulas ready to use. We have estimating software solutions that can stand alone or integrate with either Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (Sage CRE) or Sage 100 Contractor.

Accounting/Project Management

As a residential contractor do you have a need for a strong job cost system that offers change order management, prime and sub contract management as well as a construction-optimized accounting system that provides progress billings, or time and material billings? Would you like to organize all of your important documents and files for fast, easy storage retrieval and routing? Would you like to have an assistant that stays on top of all your activities and notifies you of issues needing your attention? Would you like a better way of staying in touch with the team members on your projects, including the ability to send the current schedule and even job cost data to the field office? If you said yes to any of the above, we have solutions to help you.